Ek msg aaya hai dua karne ke liye kya isse dusro takk fwd krna chahiye??

Kya ye msg sahee hai?

Please mk dua for this sister in’sh’allah x x

A message from a sister; tafrid hussein from al rabh madina al sharqiya. (Emirates). Al salaam alaykum. warahmat allah wa barakatuh. I make an oath with you people in front of allah and I leave this as amanah with you until the day of judgement. If you opened this message (read it) that you have to send it to all your contacts. I want you to make dua for me that allah gives me shafa (quick healing). I have the worst form of cancer and it’s spread all over my skin and body now. I have asked you in the name of allah don’t close this message before you have sent it to all your contacts because one day you will need dua and an oath (amanah) makes the mountains shake.

Mohsin bhai:

1. Lets understand the meaning of AFWAH.
Afwah means, a news spread all over and that can not be checked for its rightiousness.

Alhamdulillah we are the muslims who don’t follow anything blindly.

2. This msg especially pressures on spreading this msg to all contacts, immaterial of making dua.

3. Amanah is an mutual understanding or contract between 2 person. An unknown person can’t make any contract with anybody.

4. The msg is just using your emotions to forward it to the next one.